Community Brokerage Award (GL 6804) – Application Guidance

The application process is a chance for us to assess your suitability for the course and for you to find out more about the award. We welcome applicants from a range of backgrounds and experiences and encourage you to discuss with us any support that would help you with the learning or assignments.

We will be using the following criteria to help us to select candidates.

CriteriaHow Assessed
Has some understanding of the subject and is able to link to own experience.Application, Interview
Shows a competent literacy level to meet the needs of the course (including the use of accessibility tools for neurodivergent candidates).Application
Able to attend the learning daysInterview
Support needs are identified, if applicable.Application, Interview
Access to ICT?Application

Barriers to access

We may be able to provide support to help remove barriers to accessing this course. This could contribute to paying for a personal assistant, childcare, learning support etc. We may also be able to make a contribution towards your fees. Please let us know as part of your application, how you would benefit from further support.