As part of Scotland’s national strategy for improving the implementation of Self-directed Support, a National Brokerage Framework has been developed with a wide range of stakeholders including brokerage organisations, Independent Support Organisations, Disabled People’s Organisations and others.

Published in March 2024, A Brokerage Framework for Scotland sets out the values and principles that underpin a shared national approach to Community Brokerage services in Scotland.

The aim of the Framework is:

  • to define the model of community brokerage which is already recognised to be working well and delivering good outcomes for supported people
  • to promote and encourage the further development of this model in Scotland
  • to help supported people, local authorities, and organisations which help people to access social care support, to better understand the practice of community brokerage and the work of community brokers
  • to provide tools to support brokerage organisations (and other organisations providing brokerage-type services) to deliver high quality support.

This page will be updated with further information about the implementation of the national Community Brokerage Framework as it progresses.

You can download A Brokerage Framework for Scotland here.